Hospital Social Network List – October 4, 2009 Update

Hello everyone – I just finished an update to the big list. Please take a look and make sure your information is correct. It should have all submissions to date, but sometimes I miss a few.

The current numbers are 391 Hospitals total across:

194 YouTube Channels
203 Facebook pages
284 Twitter Accounts
44 Blogs

Full list here

Charts and Excel file here

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5 Responses to Hospital Social Network List – October 4, 2009 Update

  1. Bill Kennedy says:


    Just started to follow your blog. We use Flickr, YouTube, and facebook, to keep the world aware of progress on a new hospital scheduled for 2011 opening.

    Thanks for your site, check ours out and add to the above list.

    Marketing Director
    Jamestown Hospital
    Jamestown, ND

  2. Chad Dillard says:

    Great blog and resource. Feel free to add Southwest to your list. Our links for Facebook, Twitter, etc. are on the homepage. Thanks, C

  3. Ido W. says:

    Do you follow non-US hospitals as well? If so, the Hadassah medical center in Israel has a website (Hadassah website), youtube channel and facebook group page.

  4. John Fisher says:

    Thanks for this great resources. I have found your information to be very useful

  5. Thanks Ed Bennett to share such helpful list with us.

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