Info-stat video on e-Patients

Here’s another nice video, similar to this one from Socialnomics. This time the topic is e-Patients.

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3 Responses to Info-stat video on e-Patients

  1. DrV says:

    The vid suggests that the era of paternalistic medicine is coming to an end. Don’t know how old this is but it’s been over for some time. Not quite as compelling as the Socialnomics clip..

  2. I agree with the trend, but I caution us all to take a step back from the kool aid bowl. There are millions of people that are not epatients, and won’t be. The immigrant where English is a second language is not an epatient, the elderly are not epatients (no don’t throw the anecdote back at this one), a fire hose of information does not empowerment make. There is a difference. Again I don’t disagree with the trend, but what we have before us are the raw ingredients to make healthcare better, and to make those who are empowered to be guides for those who are not, and perhaps will have have the capacity to be empowered.

    It’s a big world, there are plenty of Mystery Diagnosis stories of patients who have taken control when the system has failed them, but we are a long way from description in this video backed by venture capital money with a vested interest in having us believe otherwise.

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