Dartmouth-Hitchcock Social Media Tips for Employees

I like this employee training video from Dartmouth-Hitchcock – it’s just the right mix of humor and message.

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Presentation at SINI

I presented at the  Annual Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics this morning to a great crowd of Nursing Informatics professionals.

Presentation, resource links, and discussion can be found at – ebennett.org/sini

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SXSW Panel on Patients/Caregivers in Social Media

SXSW is only a few weeks away, and I’m honored to be moderating this panel:

Patients/Caregivers on Facebook:
Establishing Boundaries Without Barriers

Sunday March 13 at 9:30am at the Hilton Garden Inn

Please join Dana Lewis, Daniel Goldman, Dr. Jennifer Dyer and Dr. Keely Kolmes as we discuss the challenges and opportunities social media presents to Healthcare professionals. More information and scheduling links:

SXSW Event listing

SXSW Scheduler

Facebook Event Page


Twitter Hashtags:

…for this panel: #hcbwb

…for entire Health Track: #sxswh

Panel Description (from the SXSW site):

Social media platforms create new challenges for healthcare practitioners and other professionals who actively participate in online communities that have emerged on Facebook, Twitter and similar applications. While it’s not unusual for those with chronic health issues and long term medical problems to build close relationships with care providers “in real life”- legal, ethical and practical issues emerge when patients/clients seek to add care providers to online networks.

How, for example, should a pediatric nurse respond when a cancer patient’s mom wants to become a Facebook friend? What parameters must be established now that these public conversations could become of an official medical record? What else is preventing medical staff and healthcare organizations from adopting social media?

Engage with panelists – patients and healthcare workers – who actively use social media and are articulate advocates for its benefits in the complex world of healthcare delivery. Panelists for this session have developed ways to establish appropriate boundaries without creating barriers to health education and empowerment. Attendees will develop a more sophisticated awareness of privacy and engagement within online communities. They’ll learn how those in the healthcare community have dealt with significant concerns and developed effective ways to resolve ethical conflicts, and will leave the session with a framework for addressing similar concerns within their own networks.

See you in Austin!

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Hospital Social Media in Canada, Australia and Europe

I’ve added a sidebar to the blog – links to Hospital Social Media lists for Canada, Australia and Europe.

Canada – This list is maintained by Ann Fuller who is the Director of Communications for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  She’s just getting started and has found 31 Canadian hospitals on Facebook, 30 on Twitter, 37 on Youtube and 12 with blogs.

Europe – Data on hospitals in Europe compiled by the tireless Lucien Engelen

Australia – A comprehensive list managed by Mike Cadogan

Spain – Update – This map-based list for Spain takes some navigation, but you’ll find links to Hospital blogs, plus YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia accounts and more.

Have I missed any others?

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Inova Health gets Fit For Fifty

A few weeks ago Chris Boyer sent me a private message on Twitter, inviting me to check out his latest project for Inova Health System.

I’m glad I did! Fit For 50 is a program that looks simple, but actually has significant content and resources.  It also integrates social media into everything it offers. Read on for my interview with Chris.

Chris, tell us a bit about yourself.

Chris Boyer

Ed, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about this project.

I’m the Senior Manager of Digital Communications at Inova Health System, managing the social media and online marketing efforts of this six-hospital system, which serves the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metro area. i’m an active member of the #HCSM community and is the original author of the blog Hospital Online Marketing. Before working at Inova, I consulted with nearly 100 hospital and health systems, developing a variety of innovative marketing and business development solutions.

What’s the 60 second description of FitFor50?

FitFor50 is a health and wellness partnership between Inova Health System and former Washington Redskins cornerback Darrell Green, designed to promote a fit and active lifestyle. Using a free interactive website , as well as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter communities, FitFor50 shares both inspirational and clinical daily video tips from Darrell and Inova doctors.  On the FitFor50 site, participants can create an online playbook to record and track their personal fitness goals and measure their progress. Over the course of 50 days (September 10 through October 30)

, FitFor50 fitness events, clinics and screenings will give the community a chance to meet Darrell in person. In addition, Darrell is writing a blog on the site, and there is a contest where winners can meet Darrell in person.

That’s a major initiative – How does it fit into the marketing / business goals for Inova?

As part of our nonprofit mission and our dedication to the communities we serve, a fitness / wellness campaign is a perfect fit with our overall brand. Inova Health System focuses on not only providing the best medical care, but proactively encouraging preventive care and healthy living. It’s perfect timing because more and more people are now open to learning about fitness and wellness tips, because they know how it affects their health and their daily lives.

From a business standpoint, the FitFor50 program gives us a platform to weave in education about our key service lines (cardiology, ortho, spine, pain management, OB, etc.), so we will be top-of-mind when people need to use those services.

Doctor participation is significant here; part of the content is provided by Inova Health System physicians. This program is a creative way to allow community members to engage with doctors and showcase our strengths (within Stark restrictions of course).

Darrel Green is your spokesman, and has made a big time commitment to this project – what’s his motivation?

Darrell Green is a natural for this project. He has been committed to fitness all of his life: in the NFL, he was known as the fastest man in football — and at 50, he is nearly as fast. Plus, Darrell has been in the Northern Virginia community for more than 27 years. When we approached him to be part of a program to spread wellness and fitness to the community, he naturally jumped at the chance. The fact that Darrell is a local celebrity attracts a lot of attention, and it’s a bonus that the message is authentic to him.

Best of all, we were thrilled to see that Darrell is a natural in front of the camera –his video segments show how fun and entertaining fitness can be.

Continue reading

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Video from Shuttle booster falling back to Earth

This has nothing to do with hospitals or social media. It’s just an amazing video. (action starts at 1:40)

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Before You Start a Hospital Blog

This is a cross-post from 33charts, the excellent physician blog by Bryan Vartabedian, MD (aka Doctor_V on Twitter) The focus is on hospital blogs, but there’s good advice for any organization. – Ed Bennett

Before You Start a Hospital Blog

By Bryan Vartabedian, MD

I have a friend who works in marketing at a local hospital.  He asked me for a little input on what to think about when starting his hospital’s blog.

Over the past year I’ve served as a sounding board for a handful of hospital systems as they’ve struggled with the issue of how to position their blog presence.

Here are a few thoughts before you start a hospital blog:

Blog for show or blog for dough.  Most hospitals feel compelled to start a blog but many don’t know why.  Consequently, the world is full of dead hospital blogs.  Just like the world is full of dead broadcast Twitter feeds and empty, lifeless Facebook pages.   If you’re going to expend the resources on a blog, make it functional, make it memorable, make it noteworthy, make it work, or don’t make it at all.

What does a blog get you? While a blog can serve as a ‘platform for crisis communication’ and a ‘forum for public education,’ the best sites in the business serve as a window into a hospital’s human side.  Great blogs are an eclectic mix of multimedia activity that breaks down barriers and tells stories.  And, if properly set up, it will serve as a natural site for the discussion of uncomfortable hospital issues that make their way into the public light.

Your hospital blog might serve as your social home base.  Depending on how your online presence evolves, your blog can potentially serve as your hospital’s social home base.  Core stories, experiences, and community commentary can live there while Facebook and Twitter feed you traffic.  Your blog, in turn, can drive traffic to your more static properties dedicated to specific programs and initiatives.

What’s the ROI on a hospital blog? Just like no one knows the ROI on the hospital landscaping or the marketing VP’s cell phone, this question serves as the primal defense for those interested in keeping their heads squarely in the sand.  A better question might be how much it will cost you to remain alienated from your patient base?  You might call over to the Mayo Clinic and launch the question to social media director Lee Aase.  His stories of piano playin’ seniors and viral health videos filmed on $100 flip cams have landed his facility on Good Morning America and just about every other mainstream outlet I know.  I’m guessing that the Mayo Clinic is beyond the ROI question.

Deliver consistently or don’t deliver at all. When your hospital makes the commitment to show itself through a blog, you’ve got to be consistent.  You can argue about what represents consistent content but if you can’t deliver twice a week for the next 12 months you need to consider whether you have the proper resources to take the leap.

The most successful hospital blogs maintain limited editorial teams with a division of labor set along a rough editorial calendar.  Look for 6-8 key voices from your institution. Seek ambassadors within your facility who can message from the heart, operate professionally, and keep up what can be a challenging commitment.  Grow only as the most genuine voices emerge.

Don’t reinvent the blog. Most importantly, study other hospitals and look at their successes and failures.  Decide how you want your site to work based on what you see.  Be critical and look at your blog as an opportunity to show the part of your hospital and its staff that no one ever knew existed.

And just for fun take a peek at the blogs for Seattle Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  See how different voices can make a hospital look completely different.

Tell me what I’ve missed.  What do hospitals need to keep in mind before taking the plunge?

(Join the conversation going on at the original post)

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Meet the Experts – Dan Fuoco

We’ve got a special profile this time around. Dan Fuoco has done a top-notch job at Detroit Medical Center, leading their social media presence with a personal touch while innovating with surgical events, catchy videos and a clear strategy for his hospital.  Read closely, Dan has a lot to share.

Please introduce yourself

Dan Fuoco, Public Relations & Marketing Representative, Detroit Medical Center. I have worked at the DMC for 2 ½ years. I am responsible for coordinating events, interacting with members of the media, researching health issues while monitoring competitors and their statuses, and updating our main web site. As we moved into the new world of social media, I became a part of the team that manages DMC’s social media brands: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, as well as our DMC Social Media website and Blog page.

Tell us about your hospital and the department where you work.

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) is the leading academically integrated system in metropolitan Detroit and the largest health care provider in southeast Michigan with more than 2,000 licensed beds and 3,000 affiliated physicians. Our hospital system consists of 9 main hospitals (each with their own set of social media pages seen here) located in both the Downtown and Metro Detroit area, which include DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital, and DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. We are known for our quality, costeffective care, accessible, responsive, & personalized service and innovation & academic stature.

What got you interested in social media?

The idea of communicating with individuals and sharing common interests grabbed my attention with major sites like Facebook and Twitter. With Twitter, the short bursts of communication that they provided seemed to confine one’s message, leaving only the most important information. In essence, Twitter makes us cut out the fluff that comes with leaving an email or direct message (different from a “direct message” from Twitter).

What aspects of Social Media do you focus on for your hospital? (Brand monitoring, customer support, outreach, marketing, etc.)

Although all aspects are touched at DMC, I focus on Brand Monitoring for Social Media. Brand Monitoring for Detroit Medical Center consists of careful placement and statistical analysis. I find that the best times to communicate with our audience is around 12:00pm (eastern time for us) because that is the universal time for lunch and what do most of us want to do on our lunch break? Check our social networking accounts. Why? Because a good number of workers are still forbidden to do so during work hours by their management. So one of DMC’s goals is to strategically place our message so that once the average individual has logged on [to a site like Twitter] this message would scroll through their feed potentially gathering the most eyes-per-update and making the entire process seem like a coincidence. By performing this little slight-of-hand trick, I am able to see the clicks as I’m monitoring the brand.

Continue reading

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New Features for the Hospital List

I have added four additional tables to the Hospital Social Networking List – individual lists of:

The data on each table can be sorted and filtered, making it easier to research popularity, social media reach and other metrics. As you can imagine, it took a long time to gather this information. The data for Twitter could be automatically downloaded using the using the MyTweeple service, but everything else was done manually. Expect to see updates  every quarter.

Special thanks to  Aaron Hughling for allowing me to use his YouTube Data

In addition to the new tables, the main list was also updated. We are now at:

762 Hospitals total on:

  • 348 YouTube Channels
  • 551 Facebook pages
  • 583 Twitter Accounts
  • 99 Blogs
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Hospital Twitter Stats

And now for a bit of fun…

This table has stats on over 500 Hospital Twitter accounts tracked in the big list.  Click on the headers to sort by Name, number of Followers, number of Tweets, etc.

Mayo Clinic
St. Jude
Aurora Health Care
Children’s National
Scripps Health
Emory Johns Creek
UNC Health Care
Children’s Hospital
U. of MD Med. Center
U-M Health System
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