SXSW Panel on Patients/Caregivers in Social Media

SXSW is only a few weeks away, and I’m honored to be moderating this panel:

Patients/Caregivers on Facebook:
Establishing Boundaries Without Barriers

Sunday March 13 at 9:30am at the Hilton Garden Inn

Please join Dana Lewis, Daniel Goldman, Dr. Jennifer Dyer and Dr. Keely Kolmes as we discuss the challenges and opportunities social media presents to Healthcare professionals. More information and scheduling links:

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…for this panel: #hcbwb

…for entire Health Track: #sxswh

Panel Description (from the SXSW site):

Social media platforms create new challenges for healthcare practitioners and other professionals who actively participate in online communities that have emerged on Facebook, Twitter and similar applications. While it’s not unusual for those with chronic health issues and long term medical problems to build close relationships with care providers “in real life”- legal, ethical and practical issues emerge when patients/clients seek to add care providers to online networks.

How, for example, should a pediatric nurse respond when a cancer patient’s mom wants to become a Facebook friend? What parameters must be established now that these public conversations could become of an official medical record? What else is preventing medical staff and healthcare organizations from adopting social media?

Engage with panelists – patients and healthcare workers – who actively use social media and are articulate advocates for its benefits in the complex world of healthcare delivery. Panelists for this session have developed ways to establish appropriate boundaries without creating barriers to health education and empowerment. Attendees will develop a more sophisticated awareness of privacy and engagement within online communities. They’ll learn how those in the healthcare community have dealt with significant concerns and developed effective ways to resolve ethical conflicts, and will leave the session with a framework for addressing similar concerns within their own networks.

See you in Austin!

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5 Responses to SXSW Panel on Patients/Caregivers in Social Media

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  2. Wish I had the spooky gift of bi-location so I could attend your panel AND the Mayo Social Media Summit. Being merely human is a total drag at times!

  3. Jacob Luecke says:

    Sounds like a great discussion. Will there be a webcast or recording of this for those of us unable to attend?

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  5. Chris Yates says:

    Here is the video interview we did with you at SXSW. Thanks so much.

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