SXSWi and Health – Together At Last

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SXSWi to Add Health Track in 2011

It looks as though SXSWi has finally recognized the need for formal healthcare dialog through the addition of a healthcare track in 2011.  The Accelerator track will apparently be expanded to include health products.  Now how cool is that?  If you attended SXSH or SXSWi in 2010, the writing was on the wall:  Social health needs to be on the table in mainstream forums.

If you have a panel proposal in mind keep your eye on the panel picker page which is live today. There is a drop-down box for the category for this panel/presentation of your submission – make sure you categorize as ‘health.’  An advisory panel for Health is being formed under the leadership of Tom Stitt and Reed Smith who have helped facilitate this important break with Hugh Forrest and SXSWi leadership.

More details as they develop.

I plan to submit a proposal, and encourage you to consider doing the same. This is a high-energy conference with some of the top people and companies who shape our Web experience. For example,both  Twitter and foursquare where launched at SXSW. I’m very pleased that a Health track has been added, as it gives us more opportunity to share ideas with the broader Web / Interactive community.

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