Three years later

Three years of hospital list data summed up in two charts. Any questions?

(Thanks to Josh McColough for the graphs)





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  1. Anonymous says:

    To what do you attribute this phenom growth?

    • Anonymous says:

      My list? 🙂

      C: 410-350-5480
      W: 410-328-0771

    • I’m sure the natural progression of understanding and adoption of social media can account for the change. The realization that social networks can connect professionals with those who excite progressive and necessary change is surely a reason to turn a head or two.  Sure, buy-in is still growing, but when you have healthcare executives, doctors. nurses, vendors, educational institutions, and thought leaders at your fingertips in the digital space,  that obstacle might start to seem more like an asset.  I think these changes are just the beginning, especially as mhealth gains maturity in the industry and healthcare utilizes more application-based care platforms–a field in which social networking is incredibly inundated. 

  2. Mike Lynn says:

    But what % of them have any specific plan in mind  with regards to why they are using HCSM and how they are using it!

    • That’s a great question.  I would love to know that metric myself.  My guess is that percentage is not very high.  Social still has a steep curve in terms of education, value, and thus adoption, especially in healthcare.  That’s something, I personally, am trying to streamline and research.  If you have any insights please do share!

  3. Frédéric Sidler says:

    What is the progression margin?

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